Garden is one of the most beautiful things that can elevate the look of your house, and all of us wish we could own one. A beautiful garden has the power to turn any house into a paradise. Out there some of us spend almost the whole day in the garden, maintaining them and finding ways to add more beauty to them. This little written-piece is for those guys out there. Here we are going to list the best DIY garden ideas that you could use to turn your garden around. We hope it serves useful.

Use old tyres:

This is one of the simplest and the most available DIY ideas of all time. Almost all of us have a lot of waste tyres at home. If not now you will never be able to use them again. Old tyres can be used to hang plants and other creepers that require support to grow. Your task here is simple. Gather a couple of old tyres and get them painted in any colour that goes well with a garden. Then trying hanging them with some plants and you are good to go.

Sit them on benches:

There are a lot of ways in which you can make your own DIY benches. In case if you get a chance to make them, turn them into white benches. They can even be broken and unfixed, and it doesn’t matter. All you have to do is to make them look like new ones. Now you can place your pots on them or grow creepers on them.

Try a Fountain:

Forget the large fountains that you see in hotels and malls. We are talking about small DIY ones. Wondering how you would make your own fountain? It is quite simple. All you need is a staircase or something that is similar to it. Get vases or basins in earthenware because they look natural and get them painted if required. Then make holes in the pot and place them on the step. After that all you need a tap with a tank that can recycle the same water. WE are sure it is going to sit like a piece of antique.

Fill the lights with garden:

Lighting the garden is one simple but beautiful trick to make it look pretty all the time. In fact, if you are a garden lover, you will definitely agree that there is nothing more beautiful than a lit up garden. All you need is a bunch of serial lights, and you are good to go. Throw them on the trees and make them look attractive. But be careful as to what you are doing, especially when you have kids at home. Garden is a place with a lot of water and makes sure you are careful with the electrical items.

Build a tree house:

Now you know for sure that we are not talking about the real tree house. Treehouse is such a beautiful addition to the garden. Mini tree houses in your garden add a dramatic feel to your house, and it is also a great place for you to hang out with pets or get there to read a book. Kids can have ultimate fun here.