Garden is quite an interesting task that many of us. However, it is not going to get complete without the necessary tools that are required to keep them clean and neat. If you are a lover of gardening and love spending a lot of time in your garden then probably you must be having all these tools. If you are a beginner yourself, then you might not know the things that you have to own. So here are some of the tools that every gardener should possess.

Wheel Barrow:

This is probably the last thing that many people have on their list of tools, but I would always love to place this first because of the lack of importance it receives among people who love gathering. Only a very few people realise the importance of a wheelbarrow. Cleaning your garden is the first tip always to have a beautiful and well-kept garden. I wonder how people clean all the mess without a wheelbarrow in their garden gear?

Digging Spade vs Dibber

I would say you need them both. Of course, as a gardener, you must be carrying a digging spade, but little do you know about a dibber. A dibber is a tool that is used for making a hole in the soil and the one that can be used to plant seeds and small saplings. A lot of people use spade here, and that is where they go wrong. A digging spade might not solve the purpose. Instead, we would recommend that you use a dibber for them and spade when you are actually planting something bigger.

Garden Knife and scissors:

These again are the two essential tools that you always should have as a gardener, and that is important to carry out a lot of everyday gardening activities. Cutting, pruning, trimming and shaping the shrubs or plants that you grow are very much important for maintaining the look of the garden, and that is why we suggest that you always have a good garden knife and scissors. Of course, you do not fail to carry them as a gardener. Just a humble reminder!

Golden Gark:

A golden girl is again one of the most effective tools that we should have to maintain the garden. Quite contrary to that we have a lot of people who do not even know what a golden gark is. It is a multi-purpose tool that can be used as a rake, shovel and a soil sift at the same time. This way you are saving a lot of time and money. So do not forget to gift yourself a gark, if you love gardening.


An oscillating hoe is something that all of us know. With the help of the hoe, you can level an entire location of soil. The movements are simple, you pull, punch and move. It has a long handle and comes with a swivel head and thereby it is again very much useful.